Privacy Policy

At Fashion Couture & Co., we understand the importance of respecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy describes what information is collected when you visit our website and outlines how it will be used to better serve you. We make sure that every user's personal data remains secure so they can enjoy their time with us worry-free!

To ensure the best experience for our visitors, we’ve created this Privacy Policy to make sure everyone understands how their information is protected as they use and explore this website. By continuing to access or utilize its resources after any changes are posted, you agree that these updates apply directly to your usage of the site. 


At this website, we take the privacy of our youngest visitors seriously. We understand that protecting children is a concern for all parents! That’s why those under 13 are requested to use our site with a parental guardian or caretaker using any content or information here – and we make sure their personal details stay safe by not collecting anything without guardian permission. As always, if you think something may have slipped past us please get in touch so it can be taken care of right away.


When you visit us, you’re welcomed with open arms. We want to make your experience here a great one - even if it starts by asking for some of your personal details like name and email address! Rest assured that we use this information responsibly; when registering on our site, placing an order or subscribing to the newsletter all safe-guarded by secure encryption technology – so feel free shop and explore with confidence. 

Your information helps us customize your experience with our website, provide the best possible customer service to you and make sure that all of your requests or transactions are processed quickly. We curate advertisements tailored specifically for you so as to give you only the offers and promotions most relevant to what interests you. And if there's something we think would be perfect for a person like yourself, it isn't out of reach either - just an email away!

To make sure you get the best deals, we may use your information to provide offers and promotions from our partners. No extra cost necessary — just exclusive perks! We also collect data about your computer's IP address, browser type, service provider info, operating system...the list goes on. Plus Google Analytics will keep tabs on where you're located as well as what pages you visit and how often so that we can give back with more tailored content for a better browsing experience all around.

Using this data, we can better understand how our users engage with the website. This knowledge helps us continually improve your experience on the site and provide you with even more amazing products and services!


By using this website, we want you to know that an anonymous unique identifier is sent from us when you visit our site. This info helps keep track of your activity on the page and allows for a more personalized experience - think of it like taking notes in class! We also collect some non-personal information about your IP address, geographical region and language preferences which can be used to help pave the way for future visits. If desired, leaving comments allows users with one-click convenience; by opting into cookies, they save time as they no longer have to enter personal details every subsequent post thereafter!

At this website, we make sure your experience browsing is as safe and personalized as possible by using cookies. As soon as you log in with an account of yours, a temporary cookie will be set so that the site can detect if your browser accepts them. Don't worry - no personal data are involved! We might also use these small goodies to optimize our sites' performance or save settings for future visits; they could even suggest ads tailored just for you based on what interests you have (cool right?). However, should it not suit you – don’t fret! You always have the option of turning off all those little critters from your computer at any time. Just keep in mind though that some features or content may remain inaccessible due to doing so.


Using cookies, web beacons and other technologies, our website collects information from you to help third parties tailor advertising according to your interests. We also use tracking pixels for social media promotion of products and customizing ads based on the data we collect about your browsing activity. 


Here on our website, we strive to provide you with a variety of interesting content. This includes offering third party links (such as products or services) that may be beneficial for you - so please feel free explore! However once clicked and exited from this very page, the privacy policy and terms & conditions no longer apply there.

In addition, due to all sorts of embedded content, such as videos or images provided by other websites; those sites could potentially track your movements within them if an account is present. Furthermore some ads like Google Adsense are also available through these external sources which need special attention before clicking onto them too!


We only work with trusted partners who are dedicated to helping keep your private details confidential. Of course, there may be times we have no choice but to share some of the data if it follows certain state or federal regulations related copyright infringement lawsuits and other legal claims -that's just part of our responsibility as an online business owner. Rest assured though: in any type of merger, acquisition restructuring or dissolution scenarios involving this website – whatever happens-your privacy will always remain top priority for us.


Staying informed can be an important part of keeping up with our website and all its offerings. We understand the importance of your email information being kept secure, so we want to make sure that you know signing-up for our newsletter is a great way to stay apprised without putting any personal data at risk! Your trust will not be misplaced; we guarantee complete privacy when it comes to protecting your details - they won't ever get shared or exchanged unless otherwise stated in this policy. At present, as outlined by GDPR regulations, individuals living within the EU may unfortunately need find another source for goods/services due their location but still feel free join us here on US soil if interested in staying updated.


To keep our communication with you in line with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, we never send spam or misleading information. If at any time you wish to stop receiving emails from us just click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of your email and/or contact us directly. For third party websites please reach out so they can unsubscribe and opt out accordingly as well; rest assured that both ourselves and our email marketing service are fully compliant with GDPR regulations while gathering data from all sources!


As a valued member of our European Union, you are entitled to access certain rights and information. To ensure that your data is protected under the GDPR regulations we will hold any personal details you give us for as long as it takes until either: 1) You make a request for us to delete them; 2) We end using our current data providers; 3 ) The Company stops delivering services or ends operations 4.) Your provided info becomes no longer necessary, too costly, or outdated.

You have the power to request access and verify its accuracy in order to update or remove it all together if needed. If desired, processing can also be restricted so while still keeping your information safe in our system; however no further action is taken on behalf of us.

Your rights are vital in today's digital age. You can object to the processing of your data and request its portability, allowing you to transfer it freely between controllers - two guarantees that will help keep your information secure!

You can revoke your consent at any moment, and it won't affect the legal validity of past actions. Additionally, if you wish to take matters into your own hands further still, there's always the option to lodge a complaint with GDPR supervisory authorities for added peace of mind. Rest assured - we only ask for information absolutely essential in forming our partnership; extra processing is never necessary or mandatory as part of that contract!


We understand the importance of protecting your personal information and take every measure we can to ensure its security. While no online transmission method is 100% secure, you can be confident that our website follows generally accepted industry standards for safety measures. When making purchases via this site, rest assured any data provided during checkout will be handled by a third-party vendor instead of being stored on our platform—so shop worry free! We ask all visitors to agree with us in holding harmless should there ever unfortunately arise an issue regarding unauthorized use or breach of security surrounding your valuable info.


Our privacy policy remains effective and secure, ensuring our commitment to the protection of your data. To keep you informed on any changes we make, don't forget to check in periodically for updates - all modifications will be effective upon being published here so continued use constitutes acceptance!


For any questions or comments regarding the privacy policy, please contact us at