Looking for the hottest trends when buying couture? Then it's time to check out what Burberry envisioned for Fall Winter 2022-2023. As an official supplier of the Royal Household, each Burberry collection sets the tone for a timeless look.

The fashion house, known for setting the season's haute couture aesthetic, launched its "Celebrating Signatures" collection this past March. The Riccardo Tisci collection puts a spin on heritage and classic Burberry lines by playing with perspective and unexpected fits.

Dive into these must-have pieces! Read on for the must-have women's fashion and men's fashion for winter 2022/23.

The Burberry Fall Winter 2022/23 collection is a ready-to-wear showcase of men's and women's fashion. These styles set the tone for what's fashionable in our global culture. They provide the looks that you can imagine yourself wearing or recreating in a haute couture aesthetic.

Now, the difference between the terms ready-to-wear and haute couture is quite simple. Haute couture is high fashion items, the clothing that's not designed for streetwear or business looks. These are wearable works of art, often seen on the red carpet by fabulous celebrities. Sometimes only a single item is crafted and therefore is extremely rare and valuable.

Ready-to-wear looks are still luxury items. They are designed for wearing straight off the runway. These items are also made in larger quantities. Ready-to-wear collections set the tone for the next high-end fashion trends.

These collections provide the couture aesthetic for our culture. They inspire our personal expression and influence our shopping habits. How many times have you seen a photoshoot on a fashion blog and gone online shopping for a similar item?

Buying couture most often means shopping for ready-to-wear collections. Haute Couture is actually a legal designation provided by the French Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Fashion houses must meet the strict criteria to receive this designation.

Burberry returned to an in-person fashion show, a first since Covid restrictions. This created an enormous buzz in the haute couture industry. A design marvel, the show tossed the traditional runway floor plan to create a haunting atmosphere.

Formal banquet tables filled the audience area in Central Hall Westminster. Standing room only, viewers gathered around the white tablecloths. Each model descended runway stairs to stand as the table centerpiece.

Models were framed by crystal stemware, a three-course setting, and salt and pepper shakers. Organ music filled the atmosphere to set a tone filled with a rich history. The staging of a formal dining setting provided a theme of intention and reverence.

It also set artistic tension, with models dramatically stepping onto tabletops and challenging cultural norms and expectations. With guests standing rather than sitting at the formal table, this created a juxtaposition of formal traditions and generational divide.

By "Celebrating Signatures" the collection honors the city of London and the influence of identity. Tisci noted the collection is about coming together. This is a theme that resonates with many after years of pandemic conditions.

Burberry's upcoming fall and winter seasons are reminiscent of classic looks. They offer structured silhouettes and add in a mix of luxury comfort.

Pleats and drop shoulders made an appearance in the women's fashion collection. Sequins and feathers also created an impact with pops of color. Neutral and natural tones are key to building the base of the collection.

Signature patterns were featured as a focal point of the collection. The iconic trench coat got transformed into formal gowns. Paired with a casual baseball cap, it blends streetwear with luxurious history. Tight, casual shirts get paired with sleek leather bodysuits.

Women's skirts features knee-length with a straight cut. Lines tend to feature an androgynous shape, rather than emphasizing the curve of the hip.

Men's fashion favored straight cuts and sleek curves, seen on the Burberry hoodie. A red, buckled overcoat pays homage to the Queen's Foot Guards. Men's fashion also featured leather trench coats, reminiscent of a heavier '80s style.

Keeping with cultural trends of individual expression, Burberry's Fall Winter 2022-23 collection plays with gender expectations. The women's fashion collection gets heavily influenced by menswear cuts. And, the men's fashion features mid-length and full-length skirts and a zippered, fur wrap worn around the arms.

The overall aesthetic blends classic and androgynous silhouettes with leisurewear staples. Proof that sporting a high-low look isn't going anywhere in the next few years. 

Here are the key elements you should keep your eye out for from the Mens and Womens Burberry Winter 2022 collection!

Women's fashion featured a tribute to the English riding boot. A quintessential English look, riding boots are both utilitarian and posh. Burberry's version is a thigh-high, legging-style boot with a rounded, square toe and block heel.

Crafted in glossy, soft leather, they are perfect under a mid-length skirt. The glossy finish is softer than a patent leather but gives the illusion of luxurious rain boots. Another homage to English culture and identity.

The men's fashion shoes featured thick-soled, leather trainers. Crafted in black and earth tones, these shoes provide an appearance of fancy workboots. Giving a 'ready for anything' type of vibe to the wide-legged trousers hot in 2022.

The trend for men's wear this fall and winter season is high collars. Starched collars buttoned tight around the neck feature a thinner tie in the Burberry collection. Although not featured with Tisci's look, men's turtlenecks are making a huge comeback this year.

Classic English looks give tribute to rugby shirts and Wellington coats. Men's Burberry shirt styles for 2022-23 are practical and timeless. A look that makes it hard to pin down which era it's hailed from.

For women's fashion, Burberry shirt styles are a mix of close-cut Oxford styles and boxy, oversize flared cuts. The women's styles featured more pops of color than the men's looks. Skin is covered in almost all full-sleeved looks, except for featuring some bare shoulders.

Collars and square pockets lend an academic vibe when paired with plaids and heavy, structural eyewear.

While the iconic Burberry scarf didn't make an appearance during the fashion show, it pairs with everything in the collection. A Burberry scarf is a classic piece that every couture-filled closet must-have! The iconic Classic Check scarf is instantly recognizable and shows you respect the beauty of the timeless fashion house.

Unisex and versatile, the cashmere scarf is perfect for colder weather. They hold their value in the resell market as well. This is because the Burberry scarf holds a rich history in couture culture.

All Burberry's cashmere scarfs get crafted in Scotland. Woven at a mill dating back 200 years, each scarf takes 30 different steps to complete. The pattern of a genuine Burberry scarf gives a blurred appearance due to the delicate brushing process during production.

A classic Burberry scarf enhances many of the ready-to-wear looks featured during their fall and winter collection. Try it draped around the shoulders of a men's jacket or paired with a pleated skirt.

The look of a sleek hoodie made a huge impact on the Fall Winter Burberry collection. The men's collection incorporated this casual look into the structured, classic lines. Blending streetwear into couture is a trend that is here to stay!

Gender lines continue to blur with this haute couture aesthetic. Androgyny is back in a big way for the rest of 2022!

Men's fashion shows unexpected twists on traditional English looks. Rugby shirts are honored but without sleeves. Baseball caps are finished with glittering sequins and rhinestones. And, the youthful look of sweaters with hoodies is transformed with a bonnet-style cut.

While women's wear didn't feature hoodies in the Winter 2022 collection, they are a part of the Spring 2022 lineup. Available in both cotton and cashmere, these leisurewear mainstays are perfect to pair with the riding boot look that's hot for this winter. An oversized fit is crucial for romantic weekend getaways and casual outings.

Caps for women showcased a look similar to an English riding cap rather than the baseball cap featured in the men's fashion line. The rounded, short brim provides a frame for thick-framed glasses and full eyeliner.

Riccardo Tisci featured thick belts for his ready-to-wear Fall Winter 2022-23 collection. Although most of the lines feature straight, sleek cuts, the belt provides a feminine structure to the women's fashion. Worn across the natural waist, belts for winter 2022 are showcased in warm neutral browns and black.

Iconic, A-line cut plaid skirts featured a large belt across the waist during the fashion show. With a minimalist buckle, they give off a sensible and useful vibe rather than anything ornate. For 2022/23, the look is practical and classic over ornate and over-the-top.

If you're looking at buying couture belts for upcoming seasons, avoid thin styles. A thicker, traditional menswear-inspired style is how Tisci incorporates most of the belts into this collection. Any vintage Burberry belt with a thicker cut will look great in these styles.

But don't worry, a thin, decorative belt still has its place in our closets. Burberry features a black belt with a tiny buckle on a button-up, sheer plaid dress. This creates a sleek silhouette, with the belt blending into the structure of the garment.

For men's fashion, belts were hidden under oversized sweaters and untucked shirts. When belts got a feature, they were utilitarian with flat metal buckles. Men's looks for next winter are both practical and workwear-inspired.

Grandma aesthetic makes a comeback for Fall Winter 2022/23. Burberry featured a twist on the classic sweater set by embellishing crystals onto both wool layers. This playful beauty adds youthfulness to an older generation's style staple.

The heavier, outer sweater features square pockets and thick shoulders. Reminiscent of something you'd see the Queen wearing while strolling the grounds of her beloved Balmoral Castle.

Paired with pleats, these heavier but delicately embellished sweaters provide a full-coverage look. Layering is key for the upcoming trends and blending textures. Try pairing wool and leather or silks and starched cotton shirts.

Women's wear trends point to structured suit jackets with extended shoulders and small lapels. Breasted pockets and double buttons were featured in the Burberry collection. Sleeves draped below the wrist complement the elongated look featured on men's trousers.

A takeaway for upcoming fashion trends is interesting and unexpected waistlines for both men's and women's fashions. While high waists dominated trousers and jean styles for women over the last few years, men's styles are starting to take part in the trend.

Burberry featured playful waistlines on their men's trousers. Sitting just below the chest, these dress pants create an exaggerated, elongated leg. Paired with a wide pant leg and pleats, this look hails back to 1920/30s oversized suits and 1980s executive style.

During uncertain financial times or stressful periods, men's fashion tends to get bigger and bolder. After these global pandemic years, it appears Tisci is embracing a fuller and longer leg for men's fashion trends.

Interestingly, the women's collection features a waistline that sits on the natural waist or hips. This lowered waist compared to the ultra-high waist of the late 2010s suggests the silhouette of women's fashion is making a change. Dropping the waistline to just above the natural hip lends a straighter cut to the lines of the garments.

This allows for a showcase of strong and straight-cut shoulders, rather than emphasizing the curve of the hip and waist. Further evidence that ladies' fashion is heading into a menswear-inspired era.

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