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March 17, 2022

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Nicole Benisti Coat Review

Are Nicole Benisti Coats Warm?

Well, the winter season is over and I've tested this Nicole Benisti coat throughout the season and I thought now would be a good time to review this puffer coat so you can possibly receive out of season bargains and be ready for fall/winter.

If you want to have a wonderful winter coat that is made by the Nicole Benisti brand, then you will be interested in my product review of the Nicole Benisti courcheval down jacket. Therefore, you will be clearly informed regarding how this amazing Nicole Benisti coat will be beneficial for you to wear for skiing, outdoor activities or everyday use during the winter season.

"Fusing practicality and style, Nicole Benisti offers interchangeable designs that capture the essence of contemporary fashion."

Couture Fashion

You will love the Nicole Benisti down jacket if you are a person who enjoys couture fashion. This Nicole Benisti puffer jacket is truly a high-end fashion piece that you can be proud to wear every time you put it on, whether you are going skiing, doing some outdoor activities or wearing this Nicole Benisti puffer jacket for everyday life during the winter months. 

It's classy and well made. The stitching of the coat is well done, and ensures that the coat is securely sewn. This means that the seams of this coat will not easily unravel and you will be able to get lots of usage from this lovely Nicole Benisti winter coat. 

This is truly a winter jacket that is designed with quality, durability and longevity in mind. Indeed, this coat is worth your investment all the way and you can have the pleasure of knowing that you will look stylish in your new winter coat.

Easy-Functioning Zipper

This coat has a superb gold zipper closure that looks good and also slides with relative ease. As a result, this makes putting the coat on simple. The zipper doesn't stick and you also don't have to worry about the zipper coming unzipped during cold weather unless you pull it to unzip the jacket yourself. The gold zipper is high quality and definitely qualifies it as a luxury designed coat.

Lovely Color Options

If you have been desiring to get a Nicole Benisi courcheval down jacket for quite some time, it really is worth it for you to get your new down jacket by this fabulous brand. You get options with this brand of jacket, as this lovely coat comes in a soft gray color that is supremely elegant as well as a solid black color that will go well with whatever you wear.

Nicole Benisti Courchevel Jacket
Nicole Benisti Courchevel Jacket
Nicole Benisti Down Jacket

Ultimately Stylish With An Abundance Of Details

If you are the kind of person who does not like a coat to be bland, boring, generic-looking and lackluster, then you will be pleased that this Nicole Benisti winter coat is created with an abundance of attractive details that add to the unique design of the coat to make it appealing and beautiful. The Nicole Benisti courcheval down jacket has a stunning fur trim on the edge of the convenient hood. 

You will find that the coat is truly stylish due to the patch of leather on the upper region of the coat that contrasts with the other material of the coat in a well-suited manner. There are interesting pockets at the region of the waist, which are asymmetrical in design. In addition, these pockets are convenient due to the fact that they zip in order to offer extra security for your items. Also, there is the provision of contrasting thumb holes of knit material in the sleeves. This coat fastens with a zipper that is sturdy and easy to maneuver. 

My favorite part of this Nicole Benisti courcheval down jacket is the contrast waist which makes you look slim and not boxy like other puffer coats tend to do. Pair it with a belt (not included) to really give you that feminine silhouette.

True Comfort

When you decide to get your own Nicole Benisti courcheval down jacket, you will be getting a winter jacket that is high-fashion and that offers true comfort at the same time. Sometimes it may seem that various winter jackets can be loose around the neck and let in cold air. But with the jacket by this brand, you will be able to keep out the cold winter air due to the jacket fitting properly around your neck with real comfort. 

Nicole Benisti Jacket

Also, the area from the shoulder to the arm is the appropriate length. This means that the sleeve and shoulder will not feel binding on you, which will allow for good flexibility in a comfortable manner when you are moving. In addition, the coat is a decent length for the body in an effort to ensure that you will be well covered and supremely warm. This definitely contributes to the comfort of wearing this fine-quality winter jacket on a regular basis. Moreover, the chest, back and waist areas of the jacket are true to size, which means that you will always get the right size of coat when you order your normal size. Consequently, this amazing Nicole Benisti down coat will never feel tight or binding and will offer a comfortable experience while wearing this trendy, stylish winter coat. Since comfort really does matter in regard to your winter coat, this brand gives ultimate comfort which is one of many reasons why people tend to like this high-fashion coat by Nicole Benisti.

Real Down For Extreme Warmth

When you decide to invest in getting a Nicole Benisti courcheval down jacket, I think, you are making the right decision. This is based on the reality that this coat is superbly warm due to it being filled with real down. The down is high quality and ensures that you are not cold during the winter season. If you had another jacket that let in the cold and was not as warm as you needed it to be, you will not have that problem with this terrific down jacket. The down in this high-quality coat by the Nicole Benisti brand is evenly dispersed with meticulous care throughout the jacket to keep out all cold air during the winter season. You will always be warm in this attractive winter coat, which is the reason why it is ideal to wear in cold temperatures.


The Nicole Benisti courcheval down jacket is worthy of your investment. It is indeed a coat that is stylish, that will fit you well, interesting in design appeal and is extremely warm. All the details of the coat are created with masterful attention to detail. This is a gorgeous winter coat that is truly couture fashion. Due to the high quality of this jacket, it will last for many years.

Review in video by: @KristinBroadwell

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